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10 Car Components Every Owner Should Know About


If you’re a car enthusiast, you know that the engine is what makes your vehicle go. However, there are many other components that make it run efficiently. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 important car components every owner should know about.


Pistons are cylindrical components that are used in engines to move the crankshaft and turn the wheels. They consist of two parts: a piston head and a piston rod. The piston head fits snugly into its cylinder bore, while the piston rod attaches to it at one end and connects to other parts of your engine via connecting rods or pushrods (which connect directly with cams).

In most modern engines, there are two main types of pistons: hydraulic and solid. A hydraulic is made up of multiple parts which allow it to expand as pressure increases inside its chamber; this makes it ideal for high-pressure applications like diesel engines because they require more compression than gasoline engines do. Solid cylinders don’t have any moving parts–they’re simply solid blocks made out of metal alloyed together under high heat so that they become hard enough not only withstand high temperatures but also resist expansion from heat as well as wear over time

Connecting Rods

The connecting rod is a long, slender metal bar that connects the piston to the crankpin of the crankshaft. The connecting rod is attached to the piston by a piston pin. The connecting rod transfers power from combustion in the cylinders to rotation of the crankshaft and ultimately drives wheels or propellers for propulsion.

Forged Crankshaft

The crankshaft is the part that connects the pistons to the flywheel. It’s not a complicated piece, but it does have some important functions:

  • Connecting pistons to flywheel
  • Supporting bearings for connecting rods and main bearings, which allow smooth rotation of your engine’s pistons and valves

The cast crankshafts used in most cars are inexpensive but can break easily under stress or strain due to their brittle nature. A forged crankshaft is much stronger than a cast one, but they’re also more expensive because they require more complex manufacturing processes (and usually involve metal being melted). Forged crankshafts are typically found only on high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMWs–but if you have one of these vehicles and want something extra special underhood, consider upgrading!

Cylinder Head and Valve Train

The valve train is a complex system of components that work together to open and close valves, allowing air and fuel to flow into the combustion chamber. The camshaft is what actually opens and closes the valves, but it relies on other parts to do its job properly.

The intake valves are opened by lifters (small metal cylinders), which push against their respective rocker arms when they’re lifted by cams rotating on top of them. Once they’ve been pushed up far enough, they’ll release springs inside those cylinders so that when you let go of your foot off the gas pedal or brake pedal–or if there’s no longer any pressure from either–they fall back down again automatically.

The exhaust valves are opened by rocker arms pushing against them from underneath; these rockers are connected directly to cams via pushrods running through holes drilled into each cylinder head’s surface (this is why you shouldn’t modify one without consulting an expert first).

Intake Manifold

The intake manifold is a part of your engine that takes air from the air filter, and sends it to the cylinders. It’s connected to the cylinder head, and has a carburetor or fuel injection system attached to it.

The intake manifold has two main parts: The plenum (sometimes called an “upper plenum”) and throttle body (or TB). The TB has two valves that open when you step on your gas pedal, allowing more fuel mixture into each cylinder so they can burn faster–and faster burning means more power!

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is the part of the exhaust system that connects the cylinders to the exhaust pipe. It is made of metal and is bolted to both sides of the cylinder head, distributing exhaust gases evenly to each cylinder.

The exhaust manifold has a series of holes that are shaped like an elongated triangle, allowing gases from each individual hole to travel through its own pipe before reaching their destination: an exit point at either end of your car (or truck).

Carburetor or Fuel Injection System

Carburetors are mechanical devices that blend air and fuel to create power. They were used in older cars, but they’ve been replaced by electronic systems in most modern vehicles. The carburetor consists of a bowl-shaped reservoir called the float chamber; an accelerator pump that sucks fuel from the tank through a line leading into it; and a needle valve on top of this chamber which regulates how much gas enters into it as well as how fast it flows from there into your engine (where it mixes with air). You can adjust this needle valve manually if you want more or less power when accelerating off-road – just make sure not too much gets sucked into your engine at once!

Ignition System

The ignition system is used to ignite the fuel/air mixture. It consists of an ignition coil, spark plugs, and distributor cap.

The spark plugs are located in the cylinder head and connected to an electrode on top of each one by way of a wire. The other end of this wire connects directly to your engine block or transmission case via another set of wires called “spark plug wires.” These wires carry electricity from your battery through various components before reaching their destination: your car’s engine block or transmission case.

The ignition coil is located near where your distributor used to be (if you have one) but it can also be found near where your distributor would go if you had one installed; this depends on what type of vehicle you own as well as which model year it was made in since some cars have multiple locations for these parts depending on when they were produced–and even then there might still be variations between models within those same years!

Cooling System

The cooling system is the part of your car that keeps the engine running at a normal temperature. It’s made up of several parts that all work together to keep things cool:

  • Water pump–The water pump circulates coolant through the radiator, where it picks up heat from inside the engine. The hot coolant then flows into another part called an air conditioning condenser (or “condenser”), which transfers more heat out of the fluid before returning it to its original state and sending it back through an expansion tank, where further evaporation occurs in order for it to reach its optimal temperature range again. This process repeats until there’s no more excess heat left in there!

The point here is that without this entire system working together properly, temperatures would get dangerously high very quickly–which could cause major damage if not addressed immediately by taking care of whatever component isn’t doing its job properly

A car’s engine is what makes it run but there are many components that make the car run efficiently.

The engine is the most important part of a car. It’s what makes your car run and go, so you need to make sure that it’s working properly at all times.

The engine is also known as an internal combustion engine because it uses fuel inside its cylinders to create power and move your vehicle forward. The exhaust system takes out all of the waste gases from inside these cylinders so they don’t build up too much pressure inside of them or else they could explode!


It is important to know about these components because they can affect your car’s performance. For example, if you notice that your engine is making a weird noise or it doesn’t seem as powerful as usual then it may be time for an inspection by a mechanic who can identify issues before they get out of control.

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